About johnchristensen

I always wanted to be an evil genius. I have TWO main problems with that: First, I’m not very mad. I’m not mad in either sense of the word. I’m not an angry person, nor am I crazy. At least, I don’t consider myself mad. Second, I’m not a genius. That’s the real bummer. =( I keep trying to come up with something really creative, that everyone wants, that takes no money to start, and let the royality checks come rolling in, but that hasn’t happened yet. I am, however, very passionate about engineering, building, creating, and being creative, and as such this leads me to one of my favorite things to do PROJECTS! This blog will be a tribute to both success and failure of my projects. Hopefully there will be more of the former and less of the latter. Welcome and enjoy your stay. Please comment on anything you like or make suggestions that you have for billion dollar ideas.

Yo Ho Pirate Ship

A client contacted me a while back and asked about making a pirate ship playhouse.  I was excited to take the challenge after researching some of the different types of ships.  I sketched out what this pirate ship should look like.  Working with the client we were able to come to an excellent design that was stylish as well as fit their budget.

I immediately went to work on the design and came up with the different parts the ship.  I loaded them onto my machine and went to work.  A couple of days later I most of the parts that I needed for the frame of the ship.  A little while after that we had the pirate ship completely built but needed some finishing work.  Well the pirate ship was just finished and just in time for the pirate ship release party for my client.  It’s a fairly large size playhouse as it is about 12 feet long and about 7 feet wide.  There is plenty of space on the ship for full crew of pirate rug rags.Pirate Ship Playhouse FrontThis pirate ship has it all: flags, sails, rope ladders, a hatch, lower deck, hand painted pirate wheel, and anchor (rusted of course).  

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